How is Bright VPN free?

Companies you know and trust pay for your VPN. Why?

When large companies do research on the web, they are often misled & blocked by websites, so they can’t see the Web as an everyday person would. Bright Data (Bright VPN’s parent company) collects public information from the web for them and pays for your VPN. In exchange, you allow Bright Data to access the Web from your IP address, to perform the following functions:

Brand protection

Companies try to find websites that sell fake versions of their products. To do this, they need to access these websites from different locations, rather than from their office.


Price comparison

Did you know that the same product is offered at a different price in every country? In order to offer you and other users the best deals on the Internet, companies check the prices of a product from many countries.


Ad verification

Companies need to verify that their online ad campaigns actually look the way they intended, but bots can mislead them and ruin their ad campaigns. You allow them to see their ads the way regular users see them.


Search engine optimization

When users perform a web search for something, they get different results in different places. You help companies check how they appear in search results in different countries.


Academic research

Universities and researchers often need large amounts of reliable data for their work, but they can be misled like other companies. You allow them to have accurate data – many have already joined the Bright Initiative.

For a full list of use cases, visit Bright Data’s website.

How do we verify these use cases?

Bright Data approves every company using a manual, strict process.

Only qualified, respectable companies may request public web data collection through your device.

Bright Data screens the traffic in real-time to ensure it meets all its guidelines.

You can read how Bright Data screens customers in this super detailed blog post.