Why use a VPN proxy?

Privacy | Security | Freedom



Problem: on almost every website we visit, we are exposed to cookies and trackers.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) identify their customers by their IP addresses. They can see their customers’ Internet traffic and probably log their customers’ online activities.

Solution: Bright VPN protects your privacy by preventing the disclosure of your real IP address, so you remain 100% anonymous.



Problem: when you transmit your online traffic in public tunnels, you run the risk of having your personal, financial, and other information exposed.

Revealing your real IP address when visiting webpages might expose your connection to DDoS attacks.

Solution: Bright VPN secures your Internet connection by encrypting your data, so that no one else can read your messages and activity but you.

With a hidden IP address, DDoS attackers can’t locate your network, making it much harder to target you.


Internet Freedom

Problem: websites or services that are available in a region might not be available elsewhere.

Some information and media content might be censored and blocked in some regions.

Solution: Bright VPN frees you from restrictions or censorship by unblocking any website from over 150 countries, connecting you to the free Internet from anywhere.