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Bright VPN was installed because you accepted the free offer during the installation of Daemon Tools.

What's next?

Get the browser extension to control the VPN directly from your browser

Same features as paid VPNs, but FREE VPN

Browse securely and anonymously. We don’t even ask for your email.


No email required

120 countries

1550 servers

10 devices



Requires Email

94 countries

3000 servers

5 devices


Requires Email

60 countries

5185 servers

6 devices


Requires Email

210 countries

1080 servers

5 devices


Why use a VPN?


Bright VPN protects your privacy by preventing the disclosure of your real IP address, so you remain 100% anonymous.


Bright VPN secures your internet connection by encrypting your data, so that no one else can read your messages and activity but you.


Bright VPN frees you from restrictions or censorship by unblocking any website from over 150 countries, connecting you to the free Internet from anywhere.